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Multipurpose 300 m depth rated ROV BURBOT H300
Basic system
Fully Equipped ROV
Surface Controls

AUV used for subsea monitoring and inspection

General Characteristics.

in three axis, plus rotation on its own axis
Forward speed, knots

4.0 (without currency)

Operation depth, m

Extremely depth, m


Payload, kg

8 (10 kg with additional buoyancy)
Dimensions, mm

950 600 500

Weight in air, kg.
65 -70 kg excluding optional equipment


fiberglass frame; aluminum boxes and stainless steel fittings

Operating conditions
- Operating Temperature, °
- Storage temperature, °
- Humidity, %

0 to +50
-10 to +60

- Horizontal : 2 thrusters; forward thrust: 36 kg
- Vertical : 2 thrusters; thrust: 34 kg
- Lateral: 1 thruster; thrust: 16 kg. Each thruster is equipped with a brushless motor.

Telemetry unit.
Communication through RS485 data unit Advanced power management system Extra data link for sonar.

Viewing system.
Inspection TV camera (may be VS1673 DL3SI)
Colour (PAL or NTSC) zoom camera mounted on external P/T unit with two lights. Lens: 10 x zoom (2.5-25 mm) / F1.8. Resolution: 460 TV lines, sensitivity : 0,3 lux at F1.8, shutter : electronic, adjustable 1/3 to 1/10 000 sec/

Laser 2D measurement: two integrated laser diodes 1 mW two 50 W halogen lights, variable intensity

Navigation TV camera (may by VS300)
Low light B/W, located on the top of lens: 3.6 mm / F1.6 ; angle of view: 68° resolution : 570 TV lines-sensitivity: 0.01 lux.

- Two headlights 50 W halogen lights and two diode lights variable intensity.
- Xenon strobe recovery unit.

- heading: 3 axis magnetometer sensor, precision: +/- 1% ;
- auto heading function;
- depth: piezoresistive type sensor, precision: 0,1% full scale, auto depth function;
- inside temperature;
- water ingress;
- amperage feedback.

Optional equipment.
- navigation and profiling sonar ( may be Super SeaKing DST);
- side scan sonar (may be SN5H300);
- 3 functions Electric manipulator arm;
- digital still camera with flash gun (may be VSPN 304);
- LBL or USBL positioning system;
- altimeter (comes with auto altitude function) ALTH300/ALT2H300;
- stereo TV systems (parallax 350 mm);
- rear B/W TV camera (may be VS300H300AR);
- acoustic pinger EDET000071. .

Surface Controls.
Control unit
The ROV's power supply, incorporates a PC module and a digital recorder. Racked (19") in a shockproof case with removable front and IP52. The PC, with 15' TFT LCD screen, allows a 19 200 bauds communication with vehicle, RS485 format. Scroll-down menus on the screen for:
- camera parameters, video gain, electric shutter, white balance;
- auto heading and auto depth;
- digital still camera controls;
- recording of photos on hard disk;
- self-diagnosis of whole system control of lights (on/off, intensity);
- selection of video signal from camera (inspection/navigation/still) display on the screen of TV image, navigation parameters.

Hand box controller.
4 axis joystick for ROV movements, with a POV (Point of View) for the P/T unit controls and 4 axis joystick for the manipulator arm. Switches for color TV camera controls (zoom, focus) .


Umbilical cable Length, m
Diameter, mm


Weight in air, kg/m

Cable buoyancy

positively buoyant in water


450 kg operational traction

Subconn type

Winch (slider contacts with handle rotation) Storage capacity, m 450 (of 17,5 mm cable)
Dimensions, mm 870 x 800 x 860
Weight with 450 m cable, kg 150


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