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Multipurpose 200 m depth rated AUV Seabeetle 200
Seabeetle 200

AUV used for subsea monitoring and inspection

Typical Offshore Applications.
- Bathymetric surveys.
- Pipeline inspections.
- Environmental surveys.
- Exploration.
- Post hurricane inspection.
- Pre-build & post build surveys for pipelines and platforms.

Seabeetle H200 Features and advantages.
- Self-contained underwater survey system operated from any kind of vessel.
- Fully modular, highly mobile and packs into strength shippable cases.
- Quick mobilization.
- No installation or calibration of peripherals required.
- Small logistical footprint with no specialized equipment required to operate the system.
- Easy to use chart-based graphical user interface with enhancements for commercial op erations.
- Low operating cost compared to traditional methods requiring costly surface vessels.
- Wide array of additional sensors available.
- Autonomous pipeline inspection with onboard system.
- Using optional Payload modules for customer supplied sensors or additional sensors.
- All data time synchronized and stored in manufacturer's original format, all vehicle logs in an open format.
- Proven survey grade deliverables from commercial pipeline and hydrographic surveys from real world environments.
- Field swappable battery modules.
- Compatible with a variety of third party post processing packages.
- Additional modules can be purchased as mission requirements evolve.
- Launch and Recovery systems (LARS) are available for operations from large vessels

General Characteristics.

in two axis, plus drive rotation on two directs
Forward speed, knots

3.0 (without currency)

Operation depth,

Extremely depth,


Payload, kg

8 (10 kg with additional buoyancy)
Dimensions, mm

2000L 210 210

Weight in air, kg.
65 kg excluding optional equipment


fiberglass hulls; aluminum joint rings and stainless steel fittings

Operating conditions
- Operating Temperature, °
- Storage temperature, °
- Humidity,%

0 to +50
-10 to +60


one forward thruster with a bow jet nozzle, horizontal and vertical rudders Thruster is equipped with a brushless motor and ECD.

Control unit.
Charger for Li-Po battery
The PC, with 15' TFT LCD screen, allows a 19 200 bauds communication with vehicle, RS485 format. Scroll-down menus on the screen for:
- camera parameters: video gain, electric shutter, white balance;
- auto heading and auto depth;
- digital still camera controls;
- recording of photos on hard disk;
- self-diagnosis of whole system;
- control of lights (on/off, intensity);
- selection of video signal from camera (inspection/navigation/still) display on the screen of TV image, navigation parameters.

Navigation system.
Based HDD integrated platform.

- Heading: 3 axis accelerometer sensor, precision: +/- 1% ; auto heading function;
- Depth: piezoresistive type sensor, precision: 0.1% full scale, auto depth function;
- Inside temperature;
- Water ingress;
- Amperage feedback;
- Xenon strobe recovery unit.

Optional equipment.
- Stereo TV cameras (parallax 350 mm);
- Rear B/W TV camera (may be VS300H300AR);
- Acoustic pinger.

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