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Underwater Technology System
Underwater technology system Athlesh.
Underwater technology system Diaf-300.
Underwater technology system Delta.
The bow propeller.
The trusters for veclies.

The firm desing and manufacturing of unmanned underwater technology system .The firm create the UTS of remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and autonomous submersible robot (ASR): "Diaf-300", "Delta", "Athlesh", "Posseidon-1000" and other.
The underwater technology system of ROV and ASR with working depth up from 200m for following underwater operation:
-the video and photo survey of the buttons ranges;
-the video inspection survey of a condition of a underwater ships hull,docks etc.,and also supports of bridgers, moorings, basis of lighthouses ,dams sluices and other maritime engeneering structures;
-the inspection work survey of a condition of underwater pipelines, bais of offshore stationary platforms and other objects on oil and gas rigs;
-the inspection work survey of a condition of lines of underwater cables befor and after digging;
-the searh for sank cargo and objects; support maintenance deep-water ship-recovery and resque operation;
-the underwater work with use grabber arms and manipulators

Carrier Of Csuba-Divers.
The firm manufacturing of carrier of scuba-divers. The carrier of scuba-divers with a electromotor drive is intended to maintain the underwater trips of scuba-fans on depthes down to 60 m and also fulfilment of some researh and transport tasks. Areas of the carrier application:
-oceanological, ecological, archaelogical and other researchers
- transportation of expert researcher together with the equipment in regions located from base in radius of 3 sea miles;
-in inspection works - delivery of the equipment and specialist to far objects inaccessible from sueface, passage of routes inconvenent to a usual light diver;
-except listed aspects, use of the carrier for underwater hunting, towage of swimming scuba-diver, trips on a tow for a surface boat.

Bow Trusters For Yachts And Boats.
Our bow thrusters is suitable to be installed at any kinds of yachts and boats length from 9 to 16 m. The bow thrusters allow to improve manoeuvrability of your boat in locks of harbours. The electric motor and other electric components are positioned - snug and dry - inside the yacht. The propeller is installed outside in the tunnel. Three models of bow thrusters are available to supply a thrust force of 280, 550 and 900 Newton respectively.Base components of bow thrust are: propeller, gear, shaft foundation, electric motor with system of control, control panel with two push-buttons, control cable, fluid lubrication system.

Trusters For Unmanned ROVs.
The new information of ROV thrusters are represent's. There are ROV-specialized electric motors together with the propellers and control system. All types of electric thrusters staffed with a hermetic connector, propeller, angular reduction gear, control system of a rotational speed, software of control system. The nozzle for all types of thrusters increase propeller thrust up to 20% and may be supplied additionally.
Under your requirements any electric drives for ROVs, interesting for you, can be manufactured.

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