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Device Demagnetization DS10M
Device DS10M for demagnetization of steel constructions.

Connecting turbine rotor drum to DS10M.

Demagnetization turbine rotor drum by device Ds10M.

3-phase device Ds10MD

The device DS10M is used for a general or local demagnetization of great designs of ferromagnetic steels and alloys.

Field Of Application.
The device DS10M is used for destruction of residual magnetization, which one appears during manufacturing of a steelworks and negative events:
-appearance of additional electromagnetic force, acting on welding arc and on metal of welding bath which leads to forming of different defects of welding joint;
-bend of trajectory of electron beam during electron-beam welding of thick-wall steel details which leads to forming of hardly eliminated defects or even electron-beam welding is impossible;
-adhering of metal shavings during punching and treatment of details with metal-working equipment which leads to accelerated wear of punches and deterioration of cleanness of surface of treatment details;
-electro erosive and electro corrosive destructions of bearings, couplings and other devices of high-speed turbo sets of electro stations and gassturbocharges from sneak electric currents which appear during the work of magnetized equipment.
The new technology of a demagnetization with the use of the device demagnetization DS10M is applied to destruction of residual magnetization of details and constructions, which appears during their producing. The application DS10M is most expedient for a local demagnetization of great designs and gears in the assembly (for example: ships body sections on fixture, turbo sets etc.).

The Technological Principles.
The technology of demagnetization with the use of the device DS10M ensures a common or local demagnetization of details and constructions without using traditional solenoids and special coils. The demagnetization is based on conduction of impulses of electric current varied according to the certain law through steel thickness. The greatest effect is reached during conduction of electric current of certain direction through steel thickness. Chose of point of engaging of electric current supply is realized according to design features of demagnetization construction and allows to applying a common or local demagnetization of a design. The technology is most effective for a local demagnetization of great constructions elements great construction, when usage of special benches is not impossible.

The Description Of The Device DS10M.
The device DS10M is made by the way case. The control and indications are established on a front panel. Engagement of degaussed construction to the facility is realized with the help of flexible cable with special removable clamps. Demagnetization is fulfilled under automatic conditions. The control system is equipped with a software, which one allows to support a desired law of change of a current of a demagnetization. The technical potentialities of the device DS10M are determined by electrical conduction and magnetic hardness of steels from the demagnetization construction are made of one. The common demagnetization is provided for provided for constructions made of structural steels with perimeter of cross section up to 8 - 10m and length 20 - 25 m. During local demagnetization the overall dimensions of designs do not limit. The demagnetization at the presence of a magnetic field of the Earth provides a decrease of magnetic fields on a surface of designs up to 0.02-0.05mTl. High quality of a demagnetization is reached at compensation of an external magnetic field.

The Characteristics Of he Device:

Range of amplitude modifications of unipolar current impulses,
from 0.1 up 10.0
Voltage of operating current, n more, V
Automatic control of mode, mode


Accuracy of maintenance of the current, %

Power consumption of the maximal unipolar pulse of a current, V


Consumed power per cycle, Wh

Cooling system

air forced cool

Main voltage ~3, 50 Hz, V
380 20

Dimensions, mm
- length
- width
- height

Weight (without cable), kg

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